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Minggu, 14 Juni 2015

Peta laut Navionics Asia Africa HD untuk HP / Tablet android smartphone dengan tampilan HD


Peta Laut Navionic Asia Africa HD
Kini hadir untuk Smartphone Android Anda, Lebih mudah, Cepat, Dan Data lebih detail dengan tampilan HD

Pembelian aplikasi offline tanpa kartu kredit. 
Coverage area meliputi Asia sampai Africa. dengan tampilan HD, data dan chart lengkap dan detail. Informasi tentang kedalaman laut, pulau2, dan rambu2 kapal sangat lengkap. 

Segera update Gadget anda dengan aplikasi Peta laut Navionics : ) 

Bagi anda yang merasa kesulitan membeli aplikasi ini lewat google play store, bisa menghubungi saya, tidak perlu menggunakan kartu kredit untuk pembelian diplaystore.
Bisa juga COD area Jakarta Barat, Bagi yang diluar kota paket kiriman berupa MICRO SD card yang sudah berisi data Navionics. anda tinggal memasangkan pada perangkat android anda dan instal lewat file manager.

For Order : 
0813 1224 5740
0586 9239 9740
attn. Alessandro Terry


The Most Widely Used Boating App! This is the version for your tablet. With this app you get the same award-winning detailed charts as GPS plotters because it provides the fully-comprehensive, all-in-one Navionics+ package, which includes Nautical Charts, SonarCharts™ , Community Edits and 1 year of Chart Updates. Tracks, Routes, Distance, Markers, Wind Forecasts, Sync my Data, Photos and Sharing! Also with US Govt. Charts! 
Note: all Navionics Boating apps have the same features. The difference between Navionics Boating free version and the other titles is that the free version allows you to experience the app’ s functionality before you make the decision to purchase charts. Attention: detailed coverage of Hong Kong is temporarily removed.
This app will not run on phones.

This app includes all the value of Navionics+ , combining three content layers: Nautical Charts, SonarCharts™ , Community Edits, plus 1 year of Chart Updates. SonarCharts™ is an HD bathymetry map featuring extraordinary bottom contour detail great for increasing awareness of shallow waters and for locating fishing areas at any depth level. Community Edits are inputs made by users and shared for all to benefit: rocks, wrecks, obstructions, buoys, beacons, etc. Refer to the screenshot above for chart coverage area, for more detail and updates check at Once purchased, Navionics charts are downloaded to the device and stored for easy access regardless of connectivity! US Govt. Charts included too! Charts are provided for the coverage area described, you can add additional regions anytime from Menu> Charts & Upgrades.

Record and view your tracks. Create and edit routes based on cruising speed and fuel consumption. Measure distance between two points.

Add markers to selected locations.

Check wind predictions anytime and sun/ moon cycle information.

Overlay: Google Maps, Bing or Terrain. Select Safety Depth and switch to Easy View. Not available on Govt. Charts.

Automatically sync your Tracks, Routes & Markers and Photos among all your mobile devices.

Geotagged photos appear on the map.

Email, Tweet or FB your routes, tracks, photos or markers! 

Try Advanced Map Options that expands the control of your map display.

Download free articles from the world’ s leading marine publications! 

Marine & Lakes government charts for US provide “ ready to navigate” maps.

Access the largest database of marine POI’ s available. Search by lat/ long or category for Marina, Marine Repair, Boat Dealers, Waterfront restaurants, etc! 

Instant tide and current info visible on Navionics charts.

v Purchase additional coverage anytime. Select more Navionics+ regions from a global catalog.
v Nav Module offers more advanced route planning with ETA, distance to arrival, heading to WP, fuel consumption and more! 
v Advanced Map Options gives you even greater control of your map. Highlight Shallow Area, select Depth Shading, filter Depth Contours, adjust shoreline to selected Water Level, view Seabed
composition ( for selected areas) and toggle Fishing Mode to locate key fishing areas.
v SonarPhone enables a fishfinder split-screen that you can see on your Nautical Charts and SonarCharts™ . The SonarPhone T-BOX equipment necessary can be purchased from within the app.
Navionics has certified the following Android tablets with an OS of 4.0 or higher: ACER: Iconia Tab A501; Asus: eeePad Transformer TF101, Transformer Pad Infinity-TF700T; Nexus 7 ( 1st & 2nd gen) . MOTOROLA: Xoom MZ604; NAVIOTAB. SAMSUNG: Galaxy Tab 10.1' GT-P7500, Note 10.1. ALL SALES ARE FINAL on Google Play. Navionics apps are designed to operate correctly with all tablets with an OS of 4.0 or higher. However, we cannot guarantee flawless operation on non-certified devices. Navionics does not support any non-certified Android devices.

For Order : 
0813 1224 5740
0586 9239 9740
attn. Alessandro Terry

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