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Selasa, 29 November 2016

Thuraya SF-2500 Seafone Marine With Active Antenna (Telepon Satelite Untuk Di Kapal) 24Jam ON Dilengkapi Dengan Tombol SOS & SMS Tracking

The Thuraya SF-2500 Fixed Telephone Satellite for Marine (Untuk di Kapal)

Thuraya SF-2500 Marine adalah produk Thuraya untuk Voice, SMS, SMS Tracking (Untuk di kapal)
Produk ini berbentuk seperti layaknya telepon rumah, Bisa standby 24jam dan bisa dihubungi maupun untuk menghubungi nomor GSM, nomor kantor, DLL
Dengan aktif antenna Thuraya SF-2500 bisa tetap berfungsi dengan baik walaupun kapal berjalan, signal tetap bagus dan stabil
Anda bisa terhubung kapan saja dan dimana saja dengan kondisi Kapal berjalan, Tidak perlu khawatir signal hilang saat kapal berjalan.
Dengan Thuraya SF-2500 anda bisa melakukan :
- Telepon / Terima telepon (Standby 24jam) ON
- SMS & SMS Tracking
- Dilengkapi dengan tombol SOS untuk emergency

Tombol SOS jika ditekan akan mengirimkan pesan ke nomor yg telah di seting sebelumnya pada Thuraya SF-2500.
Lebih praktis dan efisien, Bisa menggunakan kartu Postpaid & Prepaid.
Kelebihan SF-2500 dengan aktif antenna adalah apabila Objek bergerak signal Satellite tetap stabil dan bagus.
Memastikan anda tetap terkoneksi dan terkontrol 24Jam dengan adanya system sms Tracking.

Package Contain
- Unit Thuraya SF-2500
- Power kabel
- Active antenna
- Kabel antena Satelite
- Kabel antenna GPS
- Prepaid simcard Thuraya (Pulsa $10)
- Junction Box (Power adaptor)
- Warranty card (1 year)
Pembelian sudah termasuk kartu perdana Prabayar dan pulsa 10$ USD.
100% Barang Original Thuraya & bergaransi Resmi Thuraya Indonesia

Spesifikasi singkat sbb :

The SF2500™ is a voice satellite terminal with a built-in GPS tracking system specially designed for reliable performance in the harsh maritime environment. This affordable, easy-to-install and user-friendly terminal enables users to make satellite voice calls to any phone in the world.
The SF2500™ supports SMS services through its easy-to-use menu on the large colour LCD screen. An Alert button is available to notify pre-configured contacts during a possible emergency. When the Alert button is activated, the SF2500 ™ can immediately send a pre-determined alert message which includes the time-stamped GPS coordinates of the position up to three preset contacts for emergency response.
The2500™ is truly a robust, versatile and cost effective solution for medium-size to small fishing vessels, pleasure boats, merchant boats and any other sea vessels.

up to 160 characters
Base Terminal [L x W x H]: 205mm x 190mm x 80mm
Passive Antenna: 95mm (Dia.) x 150mm (H)
Active Antenna 210mm (Dia.) x 180mm (H)
Base Terminal: 1,1kg
Passive Antenna: 300g
Active Antenna: 1,7kg
Power Supply and Consumption
DC input range (isolated): 10.8 - 31.2 VDC
Power (max): 10 W
Environmental Conditions
Operating humidity: up to 95% (non-condensing) at 40 ° C
Operating Temperature:
- Base Terminal -10 º C ~ +55 º C
- Antenna
-25 º C ~ +55 º C
Storage Temperature:
- Base Terminal -20 º C ~ +70 º C
- Antenna -40 º C ~ +80 º C
Ingress Protection Rating:
- Base Terminal IP 30
- Antenna IP 66
GPS Specifications
Number of tracking channels 20 (SiRF Star-III)
Position accuracy: 10m 95%
Time to First Fix:
- Hot start <1 second
- Warm start <30 seconds
- Cold start 35 seconds
•  Alert Button
•  Satellite antenna connector (N-Type female) GPS antenna connector (TNC female) Corded handset connector (RJ9)
•  SIM card connector
•  RS232 connector (DB-9)
•  DC Power supply input socket
•  Power On/Off switch External Ringer output port
•  External Alert button input port
•  Mini-USB (This is ONLY for maintenance purpose)

Excellent voice quality
Thuraya coverage area is more than two-thirds of the global coverage
GPS tracking & emergency alert function

Built for extreme conditions
High temperature and humidity tolerence

Affordable voice and SMS communication

Small but powerfull antenna
Base Terminal

Supports basic telephony functions, Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP) and Short Message Services(SMS)
Phone book
Call log: last 5 missed, received and dialed calls each with date and time stamps
Menu-driven graphical user interface with 65K colors, 220 x 176 pixels, 2" TFT LCD screen
MMI in English, Chinese and Bahasa Indonesia
Back-lit keypad
Desk and wall-mounting
Alert button for triggering an emergency alert to pre-configured contacts via SMS or GmPRs
An external input port for an optional extra alert button
Ringer output port
Configurable to support
Automatic Position Reports (APR)
Polling for an on-demand position report
Geo-fencing. Up to 10 polygon areas can be configured. Sends an alert when the vessel enters or leaves an area
Over-the-air update of system configuration parameters
Maritime Antenna

Active Antenna

Omni-directional active Thuraya-certified antenna with built-in active GPS antenna
Up to 40 metres of LMR400 (or equivalent) co-axial satellite antenna cable

For Order & Information :
0813 1224 5740 (Call & WA)
0856 9239 9740 (Call & WA)
Terry Alessandro

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