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Jumat, 21 Juli 2017

Thuraya Satsleeve Hotspot Adapter for IOS & Android Smartphone

Thuraya SatSleeve HotspotIts Your World. Your Phone. Your SatSleeve 

Dengan Thuraya Satsleeve Hotspot ini anda bisa merubah Smartphone anda menjadi Hp satellite, Bisa untuk Telepon, SMS, Internet temasuk sosmed WA dll

Sangat cocok untuk anda yang membutuhkan koneksi Data di pedalaman, di laut, dihutan, maupun di pegunungan. Komunikasi tetap terjaga dan lancar dengan Satsleeve Hotspot

Paket pembelian :
- Thuraya Satsleece Hotspot unit
- Prepaid simcard Thuraya (Include $20)
- Charger, Battery
- USB cabel data
- Manual book
- Warranty 1 year
Jaminan Garansi & Original produk Thuraya Indonesia
Garansi produk 1 tahun unit & Sparepart

Order & Information :
Terry Alessandro 

Link Brochure : /sites/all/modules/ckeditor/ckfinder/userfiles/files/SatSleeve_Plus_SatSleeve_Hotspot/Thuraya%20SatSleeve%2B%26%20Hotspot%

Hotspot supports the communication needs of all smartphone users - from frequent travelers and adventurous explorers to corporate and NGO for customers preferring to use their smartphone separated from the satellite unit, with the SatSleeve Hotspot, a portable Wi-Fi Hotspot, you have the range and the room to move while you make calls, use email, send messages, or enjoy your favorite social media apps in the comfort of being in an indoor location while the hotspot is outside and facing the SatSleeve Hotspot comes with a stand inside the package and is compatible with various iOS and Android models.

Calls and Text Messages in Satellite Mode
Use your smartphone in satellite mode when there is no terrestrial network available to call and send text messages using your existing list of On-the-Go
Send and receive emails from wherever you
Access your apps while youre on the move Social Media, Instant Messaging, information apps and many -to-Use
Simply connect your smartphone via Wi-Fi to the satellite unit and stay connected. The sound is now routed through the smartphone, allowing users to make their calls directly from the
The SatSleeve Hotspot App is available as a free download from the App Store or from Google Play. Our app is available in 12 App is applicable for SatSleeve Hotspot and SatSleeve+ only and not for previous SatSleeve the SatSleeve Hotspot App:Google Play
Apple App StoreEnhanced Safety Features
SatSleeve Hotspot comes equipped with an SOS call button that works even if the smartphone isnt connected. The SOS button will make an outgoing call to a predefined number set by the user or receive an incoming call.A World of Choices
Thurayas reliable and uninterrupted satellite network enables you to stay connected via satellite mode anywhere under its coverage area across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot works either with a Thuraya SIM card or with a GSM SIM card from any of the 360+ Thuraya roaming partners
SatSleeve Hotspot comes with a stand in the package, making your life even more convenient while youre -in compression
To increase the speed when loading websites, the SatSleeve Hotspot can be used with 3 different access points (APNs). Select either high compression (no images will be downloaded for fastest website loading), low compression (images will be compressed), or no compression (full website content will be loaded). Depending on your requirements, select the most suitable APN in the GmPRS settings on your Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot.

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